Launching team

This is the launching team of TuniSpace Days during its first edition in 2013 , lead by Mr Hafedh Barhoumi and his assistant Ghaith Ramadhan, they are in charge of installing the launchpad in the field and arming every rockets with its engine

TuniSpace Days 1

Tunispace Days 2013 (first edition)

TuniSpace Days 2013 was a scientific event organized by Tunisian Space Agency between 28th and the 29th of December 2013, it was the first edition of this aerospace event for more details of the first edition of TuniSpace days , take a look on this video made by Al Mutawasset TV  

Tunisian Space Agency

Tunisian Space Agency

 Association Tunisian Space Agency is a scientific association in Tunisia created in June 2012  to promote aerospace field in Tunisia   This is the declaration of TSA in the Official Gazette N° 72 It will be soon translated in english To be member in our association please fill this form : Loading…  [sdonations]1[/sdonations]