Carthage 01, Here began the story…

This is the first project realised by Karim Hamid, the president of the TSA with his friends Ahmed Khanfir and Mohamed Boukari.
Carthage 01 is a mini rocket that participated in C’Space 2011 in France, which is an international meeting of students who are passionate about space, C’Space was co-organized by CNES and “Planètes Sciences” association.
The event consists in some steps:
The space project is tested to check if it is qualified to be launched.
The qualified space project is inserted into the launch pad.
The launch of the space project.

Carthage 01 succeeded to fly and allowed its project manager Karim Hamid to obtain the flight certificate from C’Space.

With that been said, Carthage 01, is the first 100 % Tunisian mini rocket that had a successful launch after Tunisian revolution.
It is and will always be the example that inspires all the members and followers of the TSA.

carthage 01_CSpace_ph1

Karim Hamid holds his mini rocket Carthage 01

Carthage 01_CSpace_ph2

Test committee of scientific rockets

Carthage 01_CSpace_ph3

The mini rocket Carthage 01 is qualified

Carthage 01_CSpace_ph4

Carthage 01 waiting for its turn to be launched

Carthage 01_CSpace_ph5

Carthage 01 with the Russian rocket SOYOUZ


Carthage 01_CSpace_ph6

A small talk between Karim and the Russian team

Carthage 01_CSpace_ph7

Carthage 01 on its way to the launch site with the French technical team

Carthage 01_CSpace_ph8

Karim looks to Carthage 01 with plenty of motivation and enthusiasm

Carthage 01_CSpace_ph9

Technical team preparing to launch Carthage 01


Carthage 01_CSpace_ph10

Carthage 01 in front of the launch pad

Carthage 01_CSpace_ph11

Carthage 01 in front of the launch pad

Carthage 01_CSpace_ph12

Carthage 01 in the front of the launch pad

Carthage 01_CSpace_ph13

Carthage 01 inside the launch pad

Carthage 01_CSpace_ph14

Carthage 01 is ready to be launched with the last whisper of Karim

Carthage 01_CSpace_ph15

Carthage 01 successfully flying